All cards will be one to pull in the best Phyrexia

All cards will be one to pull in the best Phyrexia ...

Several Magic: The Gathering cards from the set stand out from the others following the global launch of Phyrexia: All Will Be One.

Recent MTG Standard-legal sets have been outvalued by Phyrexia: All Will Be One. However, the best cards to pull aren't always about how much they are worth on the secondary market. Whether in one specific Magic format or multiple formats, the ONE set contains several cards that meet both of these criteria. Cards that see action and are likely to cost less than their actual value are also solid draws for tabletop players.

What are the best ONE cards to pull for all MTG Constructed formats?

The Phyrexia: All Will Be One set, which was released worldwide on February 9, is packed with powerful Magic cards. Collectors who want to bank on an oil-slick Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, are hoping to pull MTG Arena players who like fast-paced games on the Ranked best-of-one ladder.

Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, is claiming the Commander meta, shutting down enter-the-battlefield triggers, and is eliminating the Phyrexian Praetor as a number-one Wildcard pick for MTG Arena at the time of writing, so save that Mythic Rare Wildcard for something else.

Through the Simic Toxic deck, Venerated Rotpriest has become one of the most popular cards in the Standard meta. The Phyrexian druid is also being played in Commander and Modern as well. Venerated Rotpriest doesn't have a wide range of treatments like Elesh Norn, but it is worth investing in through Rare Wildcards on MTG Arena if you like quick games.

Mondrak, Glory of Dominus, outranks the other four Dominus in the same cycle in Commander, Historic, and even Standard Traditional Constructed. The Phyrexian horror is a token engine, which would generate twice the amount of tokens if one or more tokens were created under your control. The tabletop card is also worth the investment.

Betrayal's Sting is a powerful planeswalker card in the color Black, which has risen in value by more than 100 percent leading up to the worldwide release of ONE.

The now Compleated planeswalker is appearing primarily in the Commander format, as well as Historic, Historic Brawl, and some Standard decks, and her Compleated mana cost allows players to cast her as early as turn five, and her minus-two ability has Oko and Thief of Crowns vibes by turning creatures into treasure artifacts.

Both are doing well in MTG Arena Standard best-of-one as Mono-Black builds, although both have paper versions worth the money.

Thrun and Breaker of Silence, which were incorporated into Mono-Green Standard decks, stayed hidden until the worldwide release of ONE. The troll shaman is difficult to deal with as it cannot be counteracted, has Indestructible on your turn, and is unavoidable of spells or abilities from non-Green sources.

For the time being, tabletop gamers may purchase the card for less than two dollars, making the troll shaman a viable investment. However, MTG Arena players will still need to invest in the legendary creature through Rare Wildcards.

The Eternal Wanderer, priced at around $5 on paper for the time being, is proving to be a solid planeswalker. The second version of the Emperor in Magic did not receive as much attention as the first, but that doesn't mean she's a poor planeswalker to pull off.

The Eternal Wanderer is now available in a wide variety of decks, and digital players are finding her worthwhile in Command decks.