In the Revolution case, here are all of the new CS:GO skins

In the Revolution case, here are all of the new CS:GO skins ...

Counter-Strike rewards its players with some of the most challenging skins in any game. Most weapon skins are created by fans and enter the skin-trading system, making money for the creators, Valve, and the people that sell them.

The Revolution Case is the next in a long line of cosmetic gambling drops, and it brings the heat. The top two skins in the case are for the most used weapons in the game and feature Glock-18, AWP, and M4A1-S skins alongside them.

Prepare your wallets, and clean your monitors, because you'll want to see every pixel of these bad guys in your CS:GO matches.

What skins are used in the CS:GO Revolution case?

Let's be the best we can be, first out:

  • AK-47 – Headshot
  • M4A4 – Temukau
  • P2000 – Wicked Sick
  • UMP-45 – Wild Child
  • AWP – Doodle Lore
  • P90 – Neoqueen
  • R8 – Banana Cannon
  • MAC-10 – Sakkaku
  • Glock-18 – Umbral Rabbit
  • M4A1-S – Emporosaur – S
  • Tec-9 – Rebel
  • SG 553 – Cyberforce
  • MP5-SD – Liquidation
  • P250 – Re.built
  • SCAR-20 – Fragments
  • MP9 – Featherweight
  • MAG-7 – Insomnia

In the Revolution case, there is a huge selection of skins to collect. The skins might cost your life savings, but don't worry; the skins will reduce in price as time goes on. However, if you get your hands on a red skin early, you may want to peel it off for a fatal price.