Why was VTuber Zaion LanZa suspended by the NIJISANJI?

Why was VTuber Zaion LanZa suspended by the NIJISANJI? ...

VTuber Zaion LanZa has been suspended by NIJISANJI, meaning she has been banned from streaming and participating in any social media activities for the rest of her life.

Zaion joined NIJISANJI in December 2022 as part of its most recent wave, XSOLIEL, and has 129,000 YouTube subscribers and 192,200 Twitter followers.

On Wednesday, February 8, NIJISANJI issued a statement stating the reasons for Zaion's suspension, citing "repeated misconduct." The organization noted that "management warned her several times about compliance issues since her debut, [but] the situation did not improve."

Fans have compared Zaion's disciplinary actions to the departure of Yugo Asuma from the same organization. The NIJISANJI statement concerning Yugo's departure shared the same language, with the caveat that "his actions and behavior as a [VTuber] could not be accepted as a company."

Zaion LanZa's insensitive statements were used to reprimand her for being suspended?

There is no way to know which jokes resulted in Zaion's suspension, or even if the jokes in question were made public, but that has not discouraged fans from speculating. Following her suspension, supporters on Twitter have discussed clips that have since been released that show the VTuber making inappropriate remarks.

The following comment, although there is no confirmation, contributed to the NIJISANJI's insensitive remarks, did not stop fans from expressing their displeasure towards the talent's actions on social media.

The most inappropriate video from her now-private YouTube stream of The Karaoke features a female character who has been sexually assaulted.

Zaion said, "No wonder she got..." before removing herself from the stage. Fans agreed that using the appearance of a woman's body to justify sexual assault should not be allowed or promoted for entertainment.

What indicators of misconduct are there?

Fans have speculated that Zaion's habit of privatizing and editing certain YouTube VODs has something to do with her "repeated misconduct," though there is no evidence that this behavior was connected to NIJISANJI's statement.