Wolfey Glick is partnering with Twitch to organize a massive Pokmon tournament

Wolfey Glick is partnering with Twitch to organize a massive Pokmon tournament ...

Wolfe "Wolfey" Glick, a former Pokémon World Champion and content creator, announced on Twitter yesterday that he is planning a "huge potential Pokémon tournament," which will be implemented by partnering with Twitch Rivals.

Twitch Rivals is a live streaming platform that provides a platform for gaming content creators of all backgrounds to present specially organized gameplay competitions in game-show style formats, as well as huge prize pools.

We're absolutely ready for Wolfe's next tournament if this is any indication of what it will be like.

In his tweet, Wolfe noted that there would most likely be 128 individuals—Twitch content creators, in this case—in a more casual Pokémon competition scheduled for the end of March.

Wolfe addressed concerns of the public in a follow-up tweet, stating that participants must have a Twitch partner or affiliate status to participate in the upcoming creator-driven tournament.

Wolfe Glick is no stranger to coordinating and hosting large scale events. At the end of January, Wolfe hosted a Pokémon VGC Invitational tournament with designers like VoiD, Ludwig, JaidenAnimations, and others competing for the prize.

After defeating Ludwig, Sykkuno, and others, a new Pokémon champion was crowned at the Wolfe Glick Invitational.

Before that, Wolfe opened a real-life Pokémon gym in the heart of New York City, a limited-time event where the general public could walk in and take part in the VGC format of the Gym, culminating with a face-off against 2016 World Champion Wolfe Glick and a custom Gym badge.