Aurelion Sol's rework is already a complete failure, according to LoL players

Aurelion Sol's rework is already a complete failure, according to LoL players ...

Riot Games gave Aurelion Sol its makeover after four years of not tasting a single buff. League of Legends players have a lot to say about the changes.

Aurelion Sol's rework has already been voted a total failure on League's subreddit, according to league players. In a tweet, players outlined how the champion's playstyle has basically remained the same, but now has infinite scaling and access to items that make him tankier—namely Crown of the Shattered Queen.

“He fundamentally suffers from the same play pattern that made him problematic, except his kit is now equipped with infinite scaling and high AP scalings, and he has access to items that make him tankier than previous iterations,” said one player.

Aurelion Sol is still looking to wave clear as soon as possible and then go to the bot or the top side of the map to defeat the overextended adversary.

Other players believe that the champion is not a failure at all, but just overtuned, making it virtually impossible to lose a teamfight if you have Aurelion Sol on your side due to his impressive scaling numbers and easy-to-hit spells.

According to League stats website U.GG, some people consider the patch a success. The upgrade significantly increased the champion's play rate stats with his pick rate jumping from 0.5 percent to almost 20 percent in Patch 13.3.

Since the rework has only been available for a single day, it's still difficult to judge the overall state of Aurelion Sol, but the champion does appear to be overtuned and in the running for a hotfix.