After 13.3 buffs, Annie reaches a massive LoL win rate

After 13.3 buffs, Annie reaches a massive LoL win rate ...

Annie was finally given some love in Patch 13.3, after almost a year of wandering around Summoner's Rift and trying to savor the Yones and Veigos of League of Legends. The enhancements, which were only intended to be quality-of-life changes, increased her win rate.

Annie's win rate increased by about 10 percent from Patch 13.1b to Patch 13.3, ranging from a mere 49.47 percent win rate across all ranks in the solo queue to a 57.77 percent win rate.

The most significant change Annie received is a quality-of-life upgrade to her passive, which will now be fully stacked upon starting the game and respawning. Aside from that, the developers improved Annie's shield, Molten Shield, by increasing its AP scaling, decreasing its cooldown, and adding a retaliation passive for spells too.

Are Annie 13.2 enthusiasts enough to see her reprise her role on Summoner's Rift?

When the League community noticed this incredible win rate, they unanimously agreed on the League's subreddit that the champion's win rate would normalize in time since only a few players are playing Annie and there's no need to worry about it in the next patch.