Shiny beasts from Hogwarts Legacy: How to Catch Shiny Beasts and What They Look Like

Shiny beasts from Hogwarts Legacy: How to Catch Shiny Beasts and What They Look Like ...

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world game that offers a wide variety of activities and items to collect on its gigantic maps.

One of these capabilities is the ability to capture and tame friendly animals. They will most likely be encountered throughout your adventures.

During your explorations, you'll spot some shiny beasts, which are rare creatures. They're the same as normal beasts, but they'll take a different name on your menu and are unique.

They spawn randomly, which means there is no guarantee you will encounter them. At the time of writing, no method had been discovered to increase your odds of encountering shiny beasts.

How to Detect Shiny Beasts and What They Look Like

The most efficient way to catch shiny beasts is to be a fairly simple process: you must catch as many as you can, because you most likely won't be able to spot shiny beasts right in the overworld.

Select claw icons to see natural areas that are rich in wildlife.

All beasts in the vicinity are easily caught. If you leave and return with quick travel, they will automatically spawn and you'll be able to farm more of them.

The most effective way to get shiny beasts is to farm a specific species every time, because your progress will be easier to track.

If you don't want to farm shiny beasts specifically, you can also just capture all creatures you come across while completing your quests and progressing through the game. Here's a list of all the beasts you can tame in Hogwarts Legacy.

To deter beasts, simply use your Nab-Sack. To aid in the task, you may stop creatures by using your Arresto spell and then catch them with your Nab-Sack.

Sell them to Brood and Peck to get value from the beasts you don't want to keep. It's a very economical approach to make money in the game.

Just by looking at it in the overworld, there is no way to know a beast is shiny. It may have a slightly different color, but most of the time, you will be unable to tell the difference.

After you have caught the beast, you must return to your menu or Vivarium to find a shiny star next to its name.

This minor star is the finest indicator of whether or not the creature is a rare object.