What does the button do in Hogwarts Legacy Argyllshire?

What does the button do in Hogwarts Legacy Argyllshire? ...

Hogwarts Legacy is a major exploration series that includes a lot of items. Players may discover many collectibles and uncover the secrets of Hogwarts one hundred years before the Harry Potter narrative.

Players will discover puzzles to solve and enter secret passages in the castle. One of them is hidden beneath the map of Argyllshire, and the button above it is the key to its entry.

What does the button do in the Hogwarts Legacy Argyllshire map?

You'll encounter the Argyllshire map in Hogwarts. By casting the spell Revelio, you'll be able to collect a map as you complete the Field Guide Challenge, which will reward useful improvements to your game experience once completed.

If you pay attention, you'll notice a strange button above the map. It's possible to interact with it to reveal a hidden passage behind the map. It'll open by activating the button. Here's how to accomplish it.

Players must use the Depulso spell on the button to activate the button and unlock the hidden mechanism.

Hogwarts Legacy fans agree on the game's most impressive part.

By completing Professor Sharp's first assignment, the Depulso spell is unlocked. It's the opposite of the Accio spell.