A mythical school in Europe can be traced back to an iconic WoW dungeon

A mythical school in Europe can be traced back to an iconic WoW dungeon ...

The Cult of the Damned's Cult—Scholomance, lies at the core of Western Plaguelands, but you'll never know its mysterious origins until recently.

Scholomance was inspired by a well-known dark magic school in Romania that was said to be run by the devil. The Romanian school that bears the same name as the WoW dungeon had courses that taught its pupils how to wield magic, navigate dragons, and communicate with animals.

According to folklore, the sessions at this school would last either seven or nine years, and the final assignment would involve rewriting your entire knowledge into a book. This school was located on an island in central Romania.

When the dragon looked at the clouds, the school owned a dragon that was stable underwater. One of the 10 graduating students would be chosen by the devil himself to become the Weathermaker.

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The fabled school also appeared in Bram Stoker's Dracula, with the writer referring to Scholomance as a vampire school.

Blizzard Entertainment never confirmed that WoW's Scholomance was inspired by this place, but judging by the similarities that include its name, location, general atmosphere, and legends surrounding it, it's highly likely the developers were inspired by the legendary Romanian school.