Call of Duty followers are irritated by reports of a complete standalone CoD game in 2023

Call of Duty followers are irritated by reports of a complete standalone CoD game in 2023 ...

Activision is expected to release a complete standalone Call of Duty game in 2023, according to new reports, and fans of the legendary first-person shooter series are dissatisfied.

A call of duty fan would expect a fresh installment to arrive in 2023, according to Inside Gaming's Tom Henderson.

The CoD community was surprised by this news, as early predictions suggested that Modern Warfare 2 would be released in 2024, developed by Treyarch. Instead, the game would receive a major DLC pack developed by Sledgehammer Games this year, complete with new multiplayer maps and single-player content.

Now, it appears that this will no longer be the case, with Sledgehammer apparently planning to release a complete game heavily related to the Modern Warfare universe.

Many CoD enthusiasts are claiming they will not buy the next game in the series because they had only purchased the game because they planned to use it for two years.

"It's disappointing considering the main reason I bought MW2 was because I thought it would be the only CoD for at least two years," wrote one user on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit. "What's even more worrying is how lacking this MP has been this year, with the sole excuse being, "It's a two-year drip, that's why the content is coming out slowly."

Others said they would not buy the game if they were "done with CoD." Others were also rallying supporters in an attempt to persuade Activision to change its mind, writing: "If you'll want change, don't." buy this."

Modern Warfare 2 was a huge success, despite clear displeasure from the community about the series' state, according to Activision in its fourth-quarter financial report.

Although concepts may be different, neither Activision nor Sledgehammer have said that they'll release a standalone Call of Duty title this year. The next major content drop for the series will occur on February 15, when the second season of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 begins.