Ronaldinho, Zlatan, and Mbapp are the most overpriced FIFA 23 FUT cards

Ronaldinho, Zlatan, and Mbapp are the most overpriced FIFA 23 FUT cards ...

FIFA Ultimate Team is a wonderful way to maintain your economy, especially your FUT squad. Unless you have an unlimited supply of FUT coins, in which case congratulations, you have made it in life, then you will need to maximize the return on your investment. This is a tricky topic because there's a lot of overpriced FUT items.

We'll give these FUT trojan horses the only attention they need, with a strong recommendation to keep them as far away from them as possible. The problem isn't all about their price, although they're likely to produce decent results.

We will illustrate our point by presenting better alternatives at a similar price range. We would not want to point our fingers at an issue without presenting a solution.

FIFA 23 FUT's most overpriced players

Zlatan's strongest FIFA 23 version is the epitome of overpriced. He's not even close to being one of the best strikers in FUT, yet his FUT Centurions card is just short of the top 15 most expensive items in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FUT Centurions Zlatan Ibrahimovi costs 3.8 million on console and over 4.5 million on PC, which is ridiculous for a 90 OVR striker in February. Literally, any other card worth that much would be a better choice than the big Swede.

Zlatan's inflated stocks aren't a product of chemistry links or collectible value, but they're costly simply because he is Zlatan. If you're not willing to give this card a pass, watch a Chuck Norris movie.

Yaya Touré is one of those players you just can't stand to hate. We can, however, despise his outrageously priced Marvel Hero card. Yaya will cost you 3 million coins, which isn't what you want to pay for an 89 OVR defensive midfielder. TOTY Jude Bellingham is half a million cheaper.

Yaya Touré, a Marvel superhero from FUT, is one of those collectible value items we briefly discussed in the Zlatan section. The card's design is lovely, but it isn't worth 3 million coins.

Here we go again with the Heroes. For the same reasons as Touré, Lcio costs much more than his actual skill suggests. World Cup Hero Lcio is the most expensive center back in FIFA 23. World Cup Hero Lcio is not the best center-back in FIFA 23.

Virgil van Dijk and Éder Milito, the two members of the Team of the Year, are cheaper. On consoles, Milito would cost you half a million coins less, and on PCs, 1.5 million coins less. In short, don't touch the Lcio card.

Yes, we went there. The FIFA 23 cover star may be the king of the FUT meta, but not all of his cards are worth what they are worth. Mbappé's In-Form, part of FIFA 23 TOTW 6, is marginally better than his regular Gold item, yet it comes with a 100 percent discount.

All high-tier In-Forms have this characteristic. Little-avoidable improvements in exchange for substantial increases in cost is the name of the game. Mbappé is just the most well-known example of this trend.

The fact that Mbappé's Ligue 1 POTM SBC cost less and was awarded virtually the same card as In-Form Mbappé says more than we could ever say. By the way, that SBC was also bad value. Just stick with the Gold version.

Did we make it clear enough that Hero cards are stupidly overpriced? No. Now, allow us to show exhibit No. 3: World Cup Hero Claudio Marchisio. The Italian costs 1.5 million coins on console and 2 million coins on PC, and it's significantly more than TOTY Modri, Winter Wildcards De Bruyne, and Base Icon Zidane.

For those who are far behind, we promise: do not waste perfectly good Hero cards unless you are a collector.

Let's get back to basics. This is the most current FUT promo event, so here's one that was easiest to spot. Mudryk's new card costs around 1.2 million, which instantly propels it into the realm of overpriced.

For less than a million coins, TOTY Icon Robert Pirés, who plays at the same position and excels at practically every aspect of the game, may be gotten. Prime Icon George Best, World Cup Phenoms Rafael Leo, or Prime Icon Roberto Carlos, all of whom are among the top performers at their respective positions

Chelsea is a popular sport in the United Kingdom every day, but in this instance, we can't express any sympathy for the Blues' new star without being narcissistic. Mykhailo Mudryk is a straight-up overpriced in FIFA 23.

For as spectacular as regular Team of the Year items are, the accompanying Honorable Mentions aren't exactly sufficient to match the same level. Federico Valverde's overpriced TOTY Honorable Mentions card is the finest illustration of this dismality.

Valverde is priced at less than a million coins on console and more than 1.2 million on PC. He is probably the most reasonably priced player on this list of bad deals, but his true value is lowered by the availability of other options in central midfield that are at least comparable in raw performance at a lower cost.

For a similar performance, you could opt for more defense, enhanced by 99 dribbling with Winter Wildcards Joshua Kimmich.

Valverde isn't as expensive as some of the other lists on this list, but you'd still be better off saving your coins for other things.

Nesta is a criminally underrated defender, which is partly why his TOTY Icon card isn't worth the asking price. Conversely, he's given poor pace and stamina, and so-so passing.

Imagine your already weak center back, with exhausted stamina, running after Mbappé. Someone who doesn't have such difficulties is World Cup Phenom Éder Milito, who's also around 10 percent cheaper on the market. We'll use this opportunity to praise Heroes, since one of the greatest left-backs in FUT, World Cup Hero Joan Capdevila, can be acquired for the same amount as Nesta.

Alessandro, you were excellent back in your days, but there are better offers on the market these days.

Imagine the agony of doing the same to one of the most beloved players of all time. Ronaldinho, however, is not the quality you would expect from a FUT item attached to the Brazilian maestro's name.

Ronaldinho's 89 OVR Base Icon is being sold on the FUT market for over 800,000 coins on console and above 900,000 on PC. Both Brazilian legends Caf and Garrincha both fall in the same price range, but their Mid Icons are held in much higher regard than Ronnie's Base Icon.

Ronaldinho's superior versions are all exceptional and would merit a place in any self-respecting FUT squad, but his Base Icon must be avoided.

We can't come to an end on a higher note than Ronaldinho, so we won't even try. Our little economical journal hopes to assist you in avoiding costly purchases and steer you toward better value deals. If you already have any of these players in your FUT club, please sell them at aninflated price and reap the rewards.