Gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy are full: How to Get More Gear Slots Inventory Space

Gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy are full: How to Get More Gear Slots Inventory Space ...

In an open-world RPG as vast and expansive as Hogwarts Legacy, there is nothing worse than running out of gear slots and inventory space, but it does happen. Players in the early game of Hogwarts Legacy are likely to be disappointed by gear slot full messages while crawling a lucrative dungeon.

The good news, however, is that you may get additional gear inventory space as you go along with the story, although it may take some time.

When seeing the whole message in Hogwarts Legacy, here's all you need to know.

How to Increase Gear Inventory Space in Hogwarts Legacy

You'll need to complete the Merlin Trials if you want more gear inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy. These are puzzles that appear throughout the map. All of them will reward you with additional gear inventory space.

First, you'll need to unlock the ability to find them, which can be accomplished by meeting the NPC who introduces you to the Merlin Trials as a part of the main quest chain in Lower Hogsfield.

Look for Merlin Trials after the Lower Hogsfield quest (they appear as dots on the map) and activate them with Mallowsweet Leaves. After accomplishing each of these milestones, you'll have more gear inventory space:

  • 2 Merlin Trials
  • 6 Merlin Trials
  • 10 Merlin Trials
  • 14 Merlin Trials
  • 18 Merlin Trials

Mallowsweet from Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find or Purchase Mallowsweet Leaves

Remember, these challenges don't unlock and redeem your rewards automatically. You'll need to stop the game, go to the Menu's Challenges section, select Exploration, scroll down to Merlin Trials, and click on each milestone.

Keep in mind that some Merlin Trials require certain spells, which may be tasks you cannot complete until you reach a certain stage in the story and activated a specific spell.

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