At the IEM Brazil closed the CS:GO qualifier, ESL speaks out about technology issues

At the IEM Brazil closed the CS:GO qualifier, ESL speaks out about technology issues ...

The organizer of the IEM Brazil and its qualifiers, ESL, has explained what was causing the technical difficulties that several CS:GO teams such as ENCE, Bad News Eagles, BIG, and Sprout had to go through during the European closed qualifier on February 8 and 9.

“Our teams investigated the possible causes of the IEM Brazil qualifiers,” said ESL. “In this case, we set up a VPN and provided it to the affected players. Hereby, we were able to significantly improve the playing conditions and the teams could continue the qualifier.”

In the first two days of the European closed qualifier, technical difficulties including lag spikes during matches and even client crashes gave two spots to IEM Brazil, a $250,000 CS:GO tournament in April.

Professional players have complained about the ESEA servers since day one, and the platform, which is owned by ESL, has apologized and said it will try to fix it as soon as possible. The issues, however, continued yesterday, according to ENCE rifler Pavle "maden" Bokovi, who claims that the problems cost his team many rounds during the competition.

ESL said it appreciates the players' displeasure, but such problems may happen at online events like the European closed qualifier for IEM Brazil.

“We understand the displeasure of the players and the community about this matter,” the ESL said of Dot Esports. “However, these types of problems can impact online tournaments, and we will support the players the best we can.”

9INE won the match against HONORIS yesterday and secured a spot in IEM Brazil in April. The second and final European spots will be decided today at 8:30 am CT.