League of Legends Patch 13.3: Winners and losers

League of Legends Patch 13.3: Winners and losers ...

League of Legends is finally back on track with patch rollouts following the social engineering disaster that struck Riot Games in January. Patch 13.3, which was initially scheduled to be released on February 8, but went live on February 9, brought the much-awaited Aurelion Sol rework, quality-of-life improvements to Ahri and Kayle, as well as tank support that were pushed out from the support role by Umbral Glaive and Hail of Blade abusers.

On a similar note, Amumu and Zac, who have been brutally slaughtering all who oppose them, received nerfs that will hopefully send them back to where they belong—in Patch 13.3.

You're most likely sitting at the edge of your seat, super interested to discover which champions were the lucky ones this patch and which ones were sent to shadowlands.

League Patch 13.3 Winners

Aurelion Sol is the most prolific League player with a pick rate of 0.5 percent to about 20 percent in Patch 13.3, according to League stats site U.gg. The dragon has been on the strong side since the patch was released but expects a hotfix or an all-around nerf in the next patch.

Annie's win rate in the previous League patch was around 49 percent, but after the update, one of the original 40 champions is now at a new high of 57.77 percent.

We all agreed that long-range marksmen would no longer be able to show up on Summoner's Rift for a patch or two. Riot armed traditional tank supports with AP scaling, mana cost, and cooldown bonuses that will help them fight for their rightful place on Summoner's Rift.

Losers of League Patch 13.3

Zac and Amumu are so ecstatic for Valentine's Day that Riot nerfed both their base damage and their favorite item Radiant Virtue and Tenacity, but the legendary duo of AP and tank abusing will not be seen anytime soon as the main characters capable of single-handedly defeating a teamfight.

The balancing team was there to kill their joy just when Kassadin's players started believing it was their chance to shine and they wouldn't be spamming FF in chat after they died once, and that's when he nerfed to his Force Pulse and Rift Walk cooldown in Patch 13.1b. Kassadin's win rate will decrease, and he may have to contend with meta champions again.