Why should other LoL esports regions consider adopting the new LECs season format?

Why should other LoL esports regions consider adopting the new LECs season format? ...

However, League of Legends fans from across the world are already raving about the league's new format for the year.

The League of Eagles has introduced a new approach to the highest competitive level, starting with a three-season setup rather than the usual two, while adding a group stage and a playoff stage to the mix. Excitement has risen to new heights throughout the split thus far.

Other leagues, such as North America's LCS, have maintained the same seasonal schedule for years. Even though the LCS is broadcasting on different days, the season still holds the same importance when it comes to games that are important and when to tune in.

A familiarity is comfort, but after a decade of professional football, a fresh appearance might be just the spice that some of these other leagues need to ignite a new flame within their teams and fan bases.

During the previous seasons, certain teams have required a lengthy period of time to build up their performances, particularly when it comes to a roster that includes rookies who are adjusting to a new environment or veterans who are taking time to bond with their new teammates.

Eight weeks in a regular season gives players some flexibility at the start of the split because they can take their time to think about any issues they may be confronted with in terms of their teammates, strategies, mechanics, and game sense.

However, the new LEC format has shifted the league to become much more competitive and with less room for error. Teams no longer have the luxury of taking their time, but must enter the season at 100 percent strength. If they aren't up to the task by week one, they may easily fall behind and miss the next round of the playoffs entirely.

Every week is a must-watch League, and every game is crucial. A loss in week one can be the difference between a group stage berth and a quick vacation from Summoner's Rift. Teams must adapt to the constantly changing meta while they still can before it's too late. For fans, this sparks a fire underneath them that allows them to excel or be left behind.

While some players might be burnt by this swift change of pace, others quickly forge themselves into diamonds that shine even brighter when under pressure. As an example, Thomas "Exakick" Foucou of SK Gaming might not have become an overnight sensation if he had been given eight weeks to dip his toes into the LEC waters.

Through the 2023 Winter regular season, one rising LEC player will lead the league in kills.

Instead, he was thrown directly into the trenches after three weeks to demonstrate his true abilities, and he not only floated, but also broke into a fast freestyle toward the group stage. As he began to mature, SK had to keep up with his development and learned how to coordinate their overall style of play with his.

For the first time in the organization's history, SK finished the Winter Split as the third-best team in the LEC. The constant pressure of elimination causes a team to either fall under the heavy load of expectations.

The League of European Cup teams are entering a new era that might bring more superstars, upset victories, new dynasties, and storylines from within. Leagues that have fallen into the same trap may benefit from examining Europe's new approach to competition.

When the matches continue on Saturday, February 11, you may watch the 2023 LEC Winter Split group stage.