Door puzzles from Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the numbered animal door puzzles

Door puzzles from Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the numbered animal door puzzles ...

Like many other open-world RPGs that followed it, Hogwarts Legacy has a number of different puzzles, but the numbered animal door puzzles scattered throughout Hogwarts are a unique take on them. What do all the door symbols mean, and how do you solve the puzzle?

Knowing the answer to these questions is the difference between being stuck at the door for hours or entering them with ease and retrieving the loot behind them. Fear not, we have you covered.

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The first and most essential step in solving the numbered animal door puzzles is to retrieve the Arithmancy Study Guide Page, described as: "A page torn from an Arithmancy study guide that contains a list of numbers assigned to various magical creatures."

If you find the numbered animal door puzzle next to a blackboard, go to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame, climb the rafters and take the first right turn, and then open the blue chest.

Each animal's symbol is assigned to a number on the Arithmancy Study Guide page.

Door puzzles from Hogwarts Legacy: What each animal symbol means

The easiest way to think about this is to assign zero through nine to the door symbols in clockwise order. Think about the animals themselves, for example, since the unicorn is one due to its single horn. Here's a quick summary of the number value for each door puzzle animal.

The owl (or demiguise) is zero, the unicorn is one, the graphorn is two, the three-headed snake is three, the five-legged critter is five, the salamander is six, the beast with four tentacles is eight, and the multi-tentacled beast is nine.

  • Demiguise: 0
  • Unicorn: 1
  • Graphorn: 2
  • Snake: 3
  • Bird: 4
  • Five-legged creature: 5
  • Salamander: 6
  • 4-tentacle beast: 7
  • Spider: 8
  • Multi-tentacled beast: 9

How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzles

The next step is to understand how this code works in the animal door puzzle. Essentially, each animal door puzzle has a set of triangular equations to solve, with the numbers on the outside adding up to the one in the middle.

The correct answer is the animal symbol that corresponds to whatever the number is. It may sound complicated, but it is straightforward in practice.

For example, the correct answer in the first triangular equation would be five, so the five-legged critter would be the sum of two, three (the three-headed dragon appears at the top, which represents three), and five—which is the puzzle's mystery number.

The three-headed dragon is the answer to the triangular equation beneath it, which is a little simpler to solve. Because the number in the middle (four) is the summation of one, zero, and three.

The third and last step is to change the symbol and enter the answer and solve the puzzle next to the numbered animal door puzzle. Then, you'll be able to enter the door, where you'll usually find some loot.

That's all there is to it. If you follow these steps, especially the first one, which is collecting the Arithmancy Study Guide Page, you'll be able to solve these numbered animal door puzzles in no time. You can, of course, solve them without using trial and error, but it will take longer to complete.

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