Riot wants to reduce jungler power and makes midseason tweaks to LoL enchanter items and mages in the mid lane

Riot wants to reduce jungler power and makes midseason tweaks to LoL enchanter items and mages in th ...

The League of Legends scene has had one of the most varied metas in a long time, especially in the bottom lane, where multiple unique champions have been selected from across the world.

Riot Games addressed some of the shifting tides within the support role in a new Quick Gameplay Thoughts post. Markmen support picks like Caitlyn and Jhin suddenly rose in popularity in pro play, especially after Heimerdinger became a top priority in the bottom lane.

Riot has given more strength to melee support in Patch 13.3, as well as more discussion for larger systemic solutions in future updates.

"Our radar is on the rise as something that needs to be addressed," said lead League designer Brian "Catches Axes" Salvatore. "We're also considering Umbral Glaive and increasing early ward availability a bit this patch to help laners protect themselves, and are looking to reduce some power from the jungle."

Riot is still experimenting with some direct tweaks to the jungle role in order to reduce its impact on games through quick ganking. Early dives and roams will be much more punishing if they aren't successfully executed. However, the developers are still experimenting with ways to minimize the effect of such changes.

Riot will be making some broad assaults on enchanter items and general support items from a gameplay satisfaction perspective, because many enchanter lovers do not believe there are enough build options to follow. In general, supports are pretty stuck in their build paths, therefore it will be important to make those limited options as enjoyable as possible.

Riot is also considering some modifications to mages in the mid lane in order to improve general role satisfaction. The developers are currently considering developing new mages to protect themselves with, in addition to the importance of roaming as a mid laner in today's meta. These changes will not be implemented until after MSI 2023, at theearliest.