How many talent points do you have in Hogwarts Legacy?

How many talent points do you have in Hogwarts Legacy? ...

The game includes a Talents system that allows you to upgrade certain abilities of your wizard or witch, as well as a custom build that matches your style of gameplay.

If you want your sneak abilities to be better, you can invest talent points in Stealth or Dark Arts to increase the power of your Dark Arts spells, or you can spend talent points on Core to boost your character's overall effectiveness in body and magical aspects, Room of Requirement to improve your Vivariums, or Spells to enhance your abilities in Room of Requirement.

How many talent points can I get in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you complete the main storyline quest called Jackdaw's Rest, your wizard or witch must be at least level five. After that, you'll earn one talent point per level up in Hogwarts Legacy.

The total amount of talent points available is 35,48, and there are 48 talents across the five skill trees. It's unclear whether the developers will add additional DLC content to Hogwarts Legacy in the future, in which players will gain more talent points and improve their character beyond the 40-level limit.

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Because talent points are limited, it's better if you figure out the direction you want your wizard or witch to take in Hogwarts Legacy before you spend them randomly. You'll also be unable to reclaim them once you've already spent them in one of the five skill trees.