With a partial roster signing, C9 answers questions about Halo's future

With a partial roster signing, C9 answers questions about Halo's future ...

Cloud9's previous Halo Infinite roster was released at the end of 2022, a team that had just finished second in the Halo World Championship, and it was assumed that the previously partnered organization would withdraw from the game before year two.

C9 refuted those assumptions and announced that it would field a team for Halo Infinite after all in the 2023 season, despite the fact that the team currently consists of three players.

C9 has acquired the remaining fragments of the previous Oxygen Esports and Gamers First rosters. Kyle "Nemassist" Kubina and James "TritoN" Bolling won the World Championship in a stunning underdog run. Nathan "Squallaye" Kostal spent the entire 2022 season with G1.

During the Spacestation Spartan Showdown in January, the three-player roster was on the lookout for a new fourth. It's an unusual move to make after their run in the Spartan Showdown came to an end with a top-12 finish.

Cloud9's 'backing out' has resulted in the Halo Invitational being postponed, according to OpTic H3CZ.

After the huge legacy that the 2022 team left behind, C9 has established itself as one of the most dominant organizations on the scene alongside OpTic Gaming. With competition expected to be better than ever this year, it's hard to imagine that the new players will be able to fill those positions.

When the Charlotte Major qualifiers go live from February 13 to 14, fans will be able to see the new C9 Halo roster in action next week.