Season 1 dungeons in WoW: Dragonflight Mythic+ are ranked by difficulty

Season 1 dungeons in WoW: Dragonflight Mythic+ are ranked by difficulty ...

For the first time, the World of Warcraft Mythic+ dungeon pool is seeing an even split between dungeons from the current expansion and dungeons from previous expansions. This new addition to Mythic+ went through a semi-similar trial run at the back end of Shadowlands and is likely to remain in Dragonflight.

Players have noticed a certain imbalance in WoW: Dragonflight's season one dungeons with this change. Some dungeons are fairly balanced, while others are a nightmare to complete week in and week out.

What's most striking about this list is that most of the older expansions that were brought back are significantly simpler than the four Dragonflight dungeons that were present in the pool. Whether that's due to developers getting more creative over the years or because the Mythic+ rotation evolving with time is unknown, although many players are more averse to newer dungeons.

Here are eight dungeons from Season One of Dragonflight, ranked by their relative difficulty.

Which WoW Dragonflight dungeons are the easiest and the hardest?

The Azure Vault takes the cake because of its extremely short timer, which allows most average groups to complete the dungeon in as little as 34 minutes. Even with minor errors, your group may be able to complete the task in time.

Every pull in the instance containing hard-hitting abilities that might pose a significant threat to any group must be taken more seriously during Fortified weeks, and during Tyrannical weeks, every mechanic in the dungeon must be played perfectly.

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The Nokhud Offensive is stuffed with throughput tests that test your team's abilities to dodge some of the game's most severe enemies. Boss fights like Balakar Khan and the Raging Tempest will make your healers sweat, while some of the trash packs in this dungeon will make your DPS rush to kill enemies before the damage they cause becomes too great.

Algeth'ar is a fairly well-balanced dungeon and is a good choice for a middle-of-the-road pick on this list. However, it can be challenging for groups that aren't particularly well-coordinated, as bosses like Vexamus and Crawth will penalize players who go on autopilot. Fortunately, most groups will know whether or not they can run Algeth'ar successfully within the first two pulls of the dungeon

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In Patch 10.0.5, Halls of Valor got a substantial boost, putting it in the top-half of the season's easier Mythic+ dungeons. Each of the bosses, and much of the trash, have their health pools reduced, allowing Halls of Valor to maintain a less severe ceiling on groups with average gear.

Temple of the Jade Serpent can vary in difficulty depending on the present affixes, but the fact that it contains two of the most straightforward bosses in the Mythic+ pool (Wise Mari and Lorewalker Stonestep) certainly helps it as a light dungeon. One of the most difficult trash pulls in the game serves as a follow-up to one of the most powerful tank-busting bosses (Liu Flameheart) in any Mythic+

Court of Stars is relatively simple to knock out in 30 minutes or less, with all three of its bosses having little guaranteed damage to deal with before the game even begins. Some classes and professions will have access to different abilities throughout the instance, and others will have the ability to pick up randomly generated items around the Court to assist their team.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds is unquestionably the easiest dungeon in Dragonflight season one. None of the dungeon's four bosses have too many abilities that require your brain to be firing on all cylinders, meaning DPS players may concentrate on their throughput and can blow their cooldowns without facing too many consequences.