In Hogwarts Legacy, the Phoenix beast is located

In Hogwarts Legacy, the Phoenix beast is located ...

The phoenix is among the most rare and difficult to catch of all creatures in Hogwarts Legacy.

The majority of Hogwarts Legacy beasts must be lured with beast food, acquired via Poppy Sweeting, and grabbed with players' magic nap-sack. Although the idea for catching a phoenix remains the same, players must acquire this mythical creature only after a specific quest.

Here's what you should do if you want to capture a phoenix.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you catch a phoenix?

After you complete your first beasts class, players must unlock the Room of Requirement as well as the ability to catch beasts.

Players will be able to capture beasts and place them inside their Vivariums after completing this quest as well as the "The Helm of Urtkot" questline. "Phoenix Rising" will be the last quest given by Deek and is the only way to catch a phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy.

Players will need to go to the southern part of Hogwarts and fly to Phoenix Mountain. From here, players will face off against bands of poachers as they venture through the cave. Once the initial poachers have been defeated, players will get a first glimpse of the majestic phoenix.

Players will need to follow the trail left by the magical beast once more, encountering hostile spiders and poachers. At the summit of the mountain, players will eventually encounter a phoenix for the last time and will need to equip their nab-sack to finally tame the beast. Return to the Room of Requirement and speak with Deek to complete the quest.