How to reinstall Xbox One and Series X controllers without resorting to stick drift

How to reinstall Xbox One and Series X controllers without resorting to stick drift ...

Controllers wear out over time, and begin showing signs of wear. While Xbox players may live with a controller with faded colors, a controller stick that drifts on its own can cause undesirable issues in games.

When you start using the controller, stick drift may not be immediately apparent, but it may pop up when you leave it idle. Oftentimes, players dealing with the issue may find their in-game characters elsewhere, which can be frustrating.

While the ultimate solution to stick drift will be to purchase a new controller, there are a few troubleshooting techniques that may save you some money in the meantime.

How do you get rid of stick drift on Xbox One and Series X controllers?

  • Inspect your movement sticks for stuck debris and make sure to move the movement sticks around to see whether there’s debris stuck inside.
  • Use compressed air to clean movement sticks and the surrounding areas.
  • Use cotton swabs with rubbing/isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly clean movement sticks.
  • If the above methods fail to fix the stick drift on your controller, change your deadzone settings to make up for it.

If your Xbox One or Series X controller is still under warranty, the following methods are the finest solutions for stick drift. We highly recommend not to tear it apart since it will invalidate the warranty.

Users who are experiencing stick drift with warranty controllers should consider claiming it rather than opening it up.

If you want to reopen your controller as a last resort, follow these YouTube videos for your particular controller model, as each device will have its advantages.

Can you fix stick drift on Xbox Series X and Xbox One?

Yes, stick drift can be fixed on Xbox Series X and Xbox One controllers with proper cleaning. More severe situations may require players to consider more drastic measures, but most stick drift incidents should dissipate after a good wipe.

What is the cause of stick drift on Xbox Series X and Xbox One?

Oil and debris build up around analog/movement sticks cause stick drift. Taking a snack break while gaming and only using your controller with clean hands is a great preventive measure against stick drift.

If you don't have to take steps, you may want to try cleaning your controller with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab or compressed air.