The best perks, abilities, and spells in Dark and Darker Cleric build

The best perks, abilities, and spells in Dark and Darker Cleric build ...

The most recent alpha of Dark and Darker drew more than 100,000 players to its testing, which attracted the interest of many gamers. The Cleric is one of the most valuable assets due to their ability to heal repeatedly.

The Wizard is not just a magic character, either, as they come standard with a mace and shield. Here's all you need to know about the best build for the Cleric in Dark and Darker, including the best perks, skills, and spells.

What is the best Cleric build in Dark and Darker?

This section will assist you in figuring out how to play as a Cleric in a couple of different situations.

The Cleric will start with a mace, a buckler, and a staff to cast the spells that make the class unique. All of them are used to bolster players, with some having the added benefit of being deadly to the undead.

When starting at level one, the Cleric has the following statistics:

  • Strength: 13
  • Agility: 12
  • Will: 30
  • Knowledge: 12
  • Resourcefulness: 8
  • Health: 96

The Cleric has basic abilities other than Willpower and Resourcefulness, while the low Resourcefulness makes interaction with objects like chests much easier. The character has decent Strength for melee and Agility to move out of the way, but spells are at their strongest.

The Cleric has the added advantage of being able to pick up to five spells as long as it doesn't exceed the spell capacity of 12 for it to be considered that useful. Like all classes, the character can equip four abilities that unlock at levels 5, 10, and 15.

The Cleric's ability to take out the undead while also providing the most healing to yourself out of any of the classes will help you become a much more viable solo player as it gives you a decent chance against monsters and small teams.

  • Blunt Weapon Mastery: This will give you an increase in physical attack power by five percent when using a blunt weapon, making you stronger in fights.
  • Perseverance: This reduces all types of incoming damage by three, meaning that all attacks will affect you less.
  • Undead Slaying: This increases your physical damage bonus by 20 percent when attacking the undead, allowing you to mow down monsters much faster.
  • Advanced Healer: This will increase the base magical heal by five points, allowing for an extra 20 HP through the four times you can heal yourself.
  • Spell Memory: This is what allows you to use spells in the dungeon, pulling up the spell wheel when you press the designated button.
  • Smite: This allows you to deal an additional 10 magic damage to all enemies you hit within seven seconds of activating it.

The level of difficulty will vary depending on the player, but these are the most useful spells that players may utilize in a solo experience. Bind and Divine Strike are great assets, although you should also benefit from the class's healing ability.

  • Bind: This binds the target in place for 0.75 seconds
  • Divine Strike: This increases the weapon damage by 10 points for 20 seconds
  • Lesser Heal: This can be used to heal yourself by 15 points four times.
  • Bless: This can be used to apply +3 strength to Strength, Agility, and Will stats for 30 seconds to yourself

When you're playing as a Cleric with your team, you can concentrate much more on the healing and support role rather than having to focus on attacking. If you have a melee friend, you can focus on protecting and buffing them before they run into battle. Your healing will also be extremely beneficial in keeping your enemies standing.

  • Kindness: This perk will allow you to heal yourself for 15 percent of the spell’s heal amount when you’re healing an ally.
  • Advanced Healer: This will increase your base magical healing by five, which will allow you to heal other players for more.
  • Perseverance: This reduces all incoming damage by three, which will ensure that your character needs less healing.
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery:
  • Spell Memory: This allows you to equip the standard five spells
  • Holy Purification: This does 100 magical damage to all undead monsters within 7.5 meters of the player, allowing you to help your allies in a fight

These are effective when combined with solo spells, allowing you to provide the greatest benefit to your team. As long as you have at least one strong melee fighter, you can concentrate on healing and buffing your teammates. Due to the ability to heal and damage many enemy types in the game, the Cleric is the best support class.

  • Protection: This will create a shield around your allies that blocks 20 physical damage for 20 seconds, allowing your allies to stand a better chance in a fight.
  • Bless: The target gains 3 points for Strength, Agility, and Willpower for 30 seconds, allowing them to be stronger in a fight.
  • Holy Light: This will heal one of your allies for 30 HP or deal 1010 base magical damage to the undead.
  • Cleanse: This will remove all magical effects from your target, allowing them to return to normal stats.
  • Lesser Heal: This will heal an ally for 15 HP but can also be used by you when there is no target.