NICKMERCS receives a viewership boost as a result of the Hogwarts Legacy playthrough

NICKMERCS receives a viewership boost as a result of the Hogwarts Legacy playthrough ...

NICKMERCS may be well-known for his battle royale gaming, but this week, his most popular streams were when playing a single-player title.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available for pre-order, and many artists have participated in sponsored streams for the new Harry Potter IP. Among them was Mercs, who was eager to take a break from the multiplayer grind to have some story-driven fun.

Although some gamers have attempted to boycott the game due to author J.K. Rowlings' remarks about transgender people, many others have turned to Twitch to watch Hogwarts Legacy because of the Twitch drops.

Mercs played Hogwarts Legacy for just over 15 hours in two streams, and his time doing the game resulted in his highest average viewership of any game he's played this year.

According to Streams Charts, the game has outperformed Call of Duty: Warzone for him. He has an average of 21,721 viewers playing Warzone over a little less than 138 hours of airtime. Both Apex Legends and Fortnite have resulted in averages of less than 20,000 viewers.

Hogwarts Legacy resists boycott attempts and sets a new Twitch record.

Nick's highest peak viewership so far in 2023 was 57,457 viewers when he was playing Warzone on January 7.

Mercs is one of the top ten most-watched streamers who have played Hogwarts Legacy so far, and his average viewership for the game is also in the top ten on Twitch. He is far behind the top streamer who has played the game, though.

Mercs would have a higher average seeing another game at some point this year, given his history. Last year, he had a better average viewship playing Fornite, which he spent about 100 hours playing. Mercs also had a higher average in the "sports" category where he has been known to organize NFL Thursday Night Football viewing parties in partnership with the league.