What has changed in the Dark and Darkers playtest hotfix 4?

What has changed in the Dark and Darkers playtest hotfix 4? ...

The IRONMACE developers have been busy pumping out hotfixes nearly every day that the most recent playtest of Dark and Darker has been playedable, and they are continuing this trend with the game's fourth patch. Similar to the third hotfix, this one includes more balanced adjustments to some of the most popular classes in Dark and Darker.

Here's all you need to know about the most recent Patch for Dark and Darker's playtest.

Changes to Darker and Darker hotfix 4

With the fourth hotfix for Dark and Darker, here are a few highlights of all of the changes that have come about today.

  • Fixed an issue where Victory Strike could not function properly
  • Second Wind’s skill level has been changed from seven six
  • Adrenaline Rush’s skill level has been changed from three six
  • Meditation takes less time and spells charge slightly more than before
  • Increased campfire duration for all grades
  • Pavise installation conditions have been slightly changed
  • Adjusted spawn data for Goblin Caves
  • Increased the timer for Goblin Caves
  • Adjusted the geometry for Goblin Caves
  • The number of people entering the Goblin Cave has changed to 11
  • The number of people entering the Forgotten Castle has changed to 18
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ghost King to stop moving under certain conditions
  • Gathering Hall now has a minimum required level
  • Improved minor performance issues
  • Fixed some translation errors

Dark and Darker's previous fix seemed to be a bit too heavy-handed, giving their Meditation skill a minor boost.

The Fighter, another familiar face from the previous hotfix, is now back with changes to its skill levels for Second Wind and Adrenaline Rush. These changes mean Second Wind will recharge somewhat faster while Adrenaline Rush will recharge twice as slowly as before.

The number of adventurers permitted in both the Goblin Caves and the Forgotten Castle has also been increased. The single-player PvE game mode Goblin Caves now has up to 11 players, while Forgotten Castle's standard map will have 18 players running about, up from 16.