Is Moon Girl smarter than Batman?

Is Moon Girl smarter than Batman? ...

Moon Girl is one of Marvel's most popular new heroes. Since the film was released in 2015, Lunella Lafayette has enthralled audiences with her funny personality and bizarre adventures. But how does her intelligence differ from that of DC's caped crusader?

Moon Girl, how intelligent is she?

Lunella's grid was shown on the variant cover for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #25 (2018), which the official key describes as having a "Super-Genius" level intellect. For context, this means she has the same score as Reed Richards and Tony Stark.

Lunella takes on the task of determining who is more intelligent in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #47 (2015), even outclassing him during a test performed with the Banner B.O.X., a gadget designed by Bruce Banner to test super-intellects.

Kid Kree scanned Moon Girl with an analyzer in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #7 (2016). This device informed him that Lunella's intelligence was a significant threat to the Kree's future. In 2017's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #13, she was tested by Rockefeller University, only for the employees to consider her the world's smartest person.

Lunella's actions have further demonstrated her ability to construct advanced technology out of scrap metal, such as a Kree Detector (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1, 2016), and she's also demonstrated an aptitude for computers, hacking numerous secure databases, and writing extremely complex programs.

But is Moon Girl the superior to the Dark Knight?

The ability to make a one-to-one comparison between Batman and Moon Girl is difficult. First, the characters are owned by different companies, meaning we have not seen them go head to head or interact in any way.

Batman made his debut in 1939 and has been a part of dozens of stories that span many eras. Because of this, his intelligence can vary dramatically depending on the period and the particular storyline, making it difficult to determine Bruce's baseline intelligence.

Despite this, recent events have demonstrated that Batman remains one of the most powerful DC Universe characters. Most notably, in 2018's Doomsday Clock #2, Ozymandias and Veidt try to find the world's cleverest people to assist them. Although they are unsure which of the two is better, they disagree on which of the two.

Plus, readers have seen Batman execute many remarkable acts, including cloning himself and re-infusing the clone with old memories (Batman #43 2015), as well as manufacturing a huge number of gadgets, gadgets, and suits that allow him to defeat even the most powerful beings.

Lunella is young, passionate, and curious, allowing readers to see her experimenting and building things for fun. As the older, jaded Batman only wants what he wants for his current situation, we seldom see Batman's full potential, as it is only fully explored when the plot demands it.

Both characters' roles in their respective universes have shifted. Moon Girl is a smash hit and a popular character, but she hasn't yet been the subject of a major crossover event, limiting the scope of her actions and gambits. Due to Batman's status as one of DC's most famous figures, he has had to develop and execute some extraordinary plans and defeat god-level beings.

Lunella entered the Marvel Universe after several major galaxy-spanning events, many of which directly affected the public. Unlike Batman's most famous scenes, it's not as instant-attention-grabbing as Moon Girl's technological advances.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are likely to be more intelligent than Batman. Nonetheless, she has yet to demonstrate herself to the Marvel universe in the coming years. On February 10, she will be able to get all the mainstream exposure she needs to outwit Gotham's caped hero.