James Gunn celebrates his instant impact on DC comic book sales

James Gunn celebrates his instant impact on DC comic book sales ...

James Gunn has at least had a positive impact on DC Comics sales, and the director has taken a moment to salute the positive response on Twitter.

Despite the outcry over Gunn's direction with the DCU, it appears that fans are actually excited for the Guardians of the Galaxy director's DC titles. Or at least that's what the DC comic book top sellers list seems to be indicating.

Gunn intends to adapt the following of his first film work for the DCU's first cinematic phase.

Gunn took the opportunity to chat with a few DC followers about their favorite comics.

Last week, certain information on Gunn's first universe was released, revealing a surge in DC content. This chapter will be crucial in establishing Gunn's vision, and there is already a well-thought-out plan for how the shared universe will evolve.

The number of films and TV series that have been announced has risen, with 11 projects expected to decline in the next decade. Superman: Legacy will begin in 2025, but other heroes like Supergirl, Swamp Thing, and Booster Gold will also be presented as big-screen movies or TV series. However, the release date for these projects has yet to be confirmed.

It's great to see some positive fan reactions to the newly rebooted DCU. Gunn's vision has struggled to escape the shadow of the SnyderVerse, which many fans are still clinging to, no matter how many times Gunn has stated that it is no longer alive.