Strange bedtime habits confuse Hogwarts Legacy enthusiasts

Strange bedtime habits confuse Hogwarts Legacy enthusiasts ...

Hogwarts Legacy is a Harry Potter fan's dream game. You can make your own custom Hogwarts student, take classes, sharpen your magical abilities, explore the Wizarding World, build close friendships with your classmates, and unravel a dark magical mystery.

Simply strolling through the beautifully rendered Hogwarts is an absolute pleasure, and it's easy to immerse yourself in its vibrant and detailed world. But there's one particular aspect of the game that has players scratching their heads.

The day/night cycle in Hogwarts Legacy involves you completing courses and returning to your dormitory at night to do some adventuring. Despite having a bed, you cannot sleep in it, making rooms filled with empty beds.

When you rest or wait, you simply lay down on the floor, which feels strange if you're in the heart of the haunting Forbidden Forest. Players are questioning why this simple feature isn't included in the game:

Given that the animations begin at the beginning of the game, it's even weirder:

Narcolepsy simulator for Hogwarts: The Last Airbender

Is it time to kill? I'll just lay down like a dog right here:

Und where are all the people from?

It's an unusual omission, and the only reason we can think of is that Avalanche didn't want to do undressing animations (or any possible conflict that might arise due to the teenage characters)? Is it possible to get into bed fully robed rather than just randomly passing out wherever you please?

Maybe this weird oversight will be corrected in a patch, but who knows?

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, while PS4 and Xbox One are available on April 4, and the Nintendo Switch is available on July 25.