The 10 Best Dinosaurs in Marvel and DC, from Devil Dinosaur to Batsaur

The 10 Best Dinosaurs in Marvel and DC, from Devil Dinosaur to Batsaur ...

Marvel is launching a new series this weekend, which is already receiving widespread praise. Just click the link to see it on Rotten Tomatoes. The series in question is Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, an eye-popping and inventive animated show created by executive producer and secret Marvel icon Laurence Fishburne.

The Disney Channel will premiere Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on February 10 and commemorate the many diverse dinosaurs that a time forgot about. From caped crusaders to the one and only Godzilla, these are the finest dinosaurs to stomp their way into Marvel and DC comics.

Dinosaur's Devil

Devil Dinosaur, who was originally paired with Moon Boy, one of Marvel's most underrated artists, was given a whole new reputation when he got a new partner in crime-fighting in the form of child genius Lunella Lafayette. Although he lived in the Savage Land before moving to New York in the comics, the TV series simplifies matters by having Lunella open a portal to prehistoric times.

Dinosaur Island's denizens

Dinosaur Island, one of the many lost lands in comic book fame, is the habitat of a population of prehistoric creatures that miraculously perished through the rest of their lives. The site is also the home of a rare silver kryptonite discovered by Batman on a dangerous journey to the island.

The Savage Land's prehistoric population

The much more well-known Savage Land, Stan Lee and his co's answer to both The Lost World and Tarzan-type stories, is most well-known as the home of wild man hero Ka-Zar. Over the years, many of Marvel's greatest and brightest have stayed in the Savage Land, including Spider-Man and the X-Men.

T-Rex, the Batcave's robot, is now available.

The Batcave robot dinosaur is just one of the many striking memorials that the Dark Knight has on display in his HQ, including the enormous penny and gigantic Joker card from 1946. It's a familiar sight, after all: in Batman #35, Batsy and Robin were lured to Dinosaur Island (a different amusement park, not the real one) where they fought off the animatronic beasties. As you do.

Jokerzard is a British author.

In a minute, we'll talk more about Batsaur and the Jurassic League, but first let's highlight one of the Jurassic League's most dangerous enemies, because he deserves his own place on the list. What would Batman be without a Joker for a nemesis, right? Even if the Bat in question is a dinosaur, this psychopathic Dilophosaurus gives us the creeps.

Starbrand is a German company based in the United Kingdom.

Avengers 1,000000 BC, Earth's oldest mightiest superheroes, are one of the most enjoyable new Marvel superhero teams introduced in recent times. Part of the reason they're so cool is because they have a friggin' superhero dinosaur among their numbers. One T-Rex received its power when it arrived on Earth via the asteroid that destroyed the rest of its species.


Sauron, a Marvel character who has nothing to do with The Lord of the Rings villain, is a human scientist who genetically modified himself into a human/Pterodactyl hybrid. He was immortalized in the famous internet meme when Spider-Man once questioned his motives.

Godzilla is a beast.

The King of Monsters, one of pop culture's most famous dinosaurs, is now part of the Marvel universe. Back in the 1970s, the House of Ideas had the rights to publish comics featuring the Toho icon and his kaiju allies and enemies, which memorably allowed for a dream battle between the Avengers and Godzilla when the gigantic beastie emerged from the ocean to stomp his way through New York.

Old Lace

As well as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, the Marvel universe has also included Arsenic (Gert Yorkes) and Old Lace, who are both well-known for his distinctive nose-ring. Gert and Deinonychus have a deep emotional connection.

The Jurassic League, Batsaur, Supersaur, and the Jurassic League

The one method to make the Justice League better is to transform them into dinosaurs, which is what was introduced in 2022's Jurassic League series. This League consists of the likes of Flashraptor, Wonderdon, and Green Torch, although the main characters are definitely Supersaur — an alien Brachiosaurus sent to a prehistoric Earth — and Batsaur — an orphan Allosaurus who... dresses as a bat to scare criminals

On Disney Plus, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will be available on February 15, with new episodes coming up every week.