What is DC Comics' Blackest Night? Diehards hope the James Gunns DCU Chapter One title will depict this major event

What is DC Comics' Blackest Night? Diehards hope the James Gunns DCU Chapter One title will depict t ...

The New DC Universe may lead to one of the greatest events in DC Comics history, Blackest Night, and if that's the case, expect there to be a lot of destruction in the future.

Nekron is the central antagonist for the upcoming DC Universe Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, according to a theory posted on the DC Cinematic Reddit, and there is evidence that this is possible. Both The Flash movie and Crisis On Infinite Earths have already been performed by The CW's Arrowverse. However, Blackest Night isn't that intense to warrant a live-action adaptation.

The Blackest Night in DC

Blackest Night was a limited series, crossover event created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reiss that affected essentially every aspect of the DC Universe. Batman was seemingly killed during the events of Final Crisis when Darkseid struck him with the Omega Beams. Crisis also saw Barry Allen/Flash return to the land of the living after being trapped in the Speed Force for decades. In superhero stories, death is a loose concept that doesn't mean it's the end in the traditional sense, and many heroes and villains alike

As the leader of the Black Lantern Corps, these zombified creatures crave the hearts of the living and their ultimate demise, and they have to confront their former friends, allies, and loved ones in the worst ways possible. William Hand/Black Hand is responsible for this horrific incident, which he visits Bruce Wayne's unmarked grave.

Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang, Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man, and many, many more. There are other Lanterns in the emotional spectrum who are also involved in this fight, including Wonder Woman who transforms into a Violet Lantern and brings Black Lantern Batman back to the light.

Gods and Monsters

No gods or monsters are immune to death in the DC Comics Universe. Every sentient being is in danger when Nekron comes for them. In this case, Gods are more metaphorical in nature, as it refers to the almighty heroes, specifically Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and so on as the upper echelon in the DCU.

At the end of Blackest Night, Alec Holland, the guy who once was Swamp Thing, was brought back to life, and this is a critical moment in the character's history. The Swamp Thing film will thrust the DC Universe into the horror genre, and this sort of dark narrative is perfect for a hero like this one.

Lanterns are also used as lanterns.

According to what's known about DCU Chapter One, a Blackest Night major event may be on the way. If Blackest Night happens, it will have to involve the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians, Sinestro, and the other characters in the emotional spectrum, so that it can lead right into Blackest Night.

The Brave and the Bold

Another hint that Blackest Night might not be too distant from Batman is Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert. That series and Blackest Night are fairly close together, and the latter story might indicate where Batman is on his journey. By the time Batman's son, Damian, comes into the picture, Bruce Wayne is older and has already gone through a string of other Robins.

The new Justice League hasn't even been announced yet, although this is an exciting event. Before the intergalactic zombie apocalypse, readers will need to know how to organize everything.