How do you use TikTok's auto-scroll feature?

How do you use TikTok's auto-scroll feature? ...

By introducing an auto-scroll feature last month, TikTok has discovered a way to make an individual's experience on the app more manageable.

People have been able to upload short-form videos on various topics, share clips with others, and repost recordings on their pages while also giving credit to the original creator in the platform that was launched in 2016.

According to HITC, TikTok's auto-scroll feature is designed to allow individuals to "swipe through videos" on the app without touching the screen, something that was popularly requested. For example, one would have to launch the TikTok app, go on their For You page, and click down on the video until it loads up with a list of options, including the auto-scroll feature.

A small number of social media users who were selected to test it out took to their Twitter accounts to express their opinions days after the release of the TikTok auto-scroll feature.

One Twitter user raved about the latest feature of the app.

Gleichzeitig, another person praised the auto-scroll feature while stating that they can do their hair and watch "TikToks in peace."

TikTok's auto-scroll feature was so popular, a third social media user suggested that other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, follow suit.

Another individual was enthralled by the advent of the auto-scroller.

Despite the positive feedback TikTok has received, many people have yet to receive the auto-scroll feature, and when it will be released to the general public, the only thing individuals can do is update the app and test it out.