The Last of Us features every LGBTQIA+ character

The Last of Us features every LGBTQIA+ character ...

The Last of Us, a remake of Naughty Dog, is taking the world by storm as every new episode draws new viewers into the post-apocalyptic narrative.

The third episode of the game, which explored a side story with two gay characters at its core, is already a standout moment, and there's plenty more where that came from in the show's future. Future episodes — and seasons — will see these fresh characters shown in live-action for the first time.

Ellie is a model and actress.

Ellie has already given a minor hint or two about her status as a lesbian in the program, but uninformed viewers will likely not be properly tuned into her sexuality until later in the season.

Ellie hasn't had many opportunities to discuss her sexuality in the story, although this is just a guess, and it's likely to happen right around the corner. Riley, one of Ellie's first crushes, is a key component of the character's backstory, and early teases revealed that she'll play a role in season one.

Ellie's sexuality will become even more explicit in later seasons. She has many girlfriends before she settles down — for a while — with her longest-term boyfriend, Dina. The couple is a couple throughout The Last of Us Part II's narrative, and their romance has taken many fans by surprise.


The Last of Us: Left Behind is a spin-off game that follows Ellie's journey through the years leading up to her being bit for the first time. The game centers on the youngster's close connection with her brave, brazen friend Riley.

Riley isn't explicitly categorized as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, yet she and Ellie do kiss in the popular DLC. Some fans believe she was harboring a crush of her own, but her demise soon after fated any blossoming romance between the two to be short-lived.

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Bill's relationship with Frank is already on the internet, and for good reason. In the Last of Us games, many players recognized him as gay, but players didn't get nearly the romance that HBO gave in "Long Long Time."

The third episode of HBO's series is focused on Bill and Frank's moving story. Fans fell in love with the pair throughout their relationship, although Frank doesn't play a role in the game. Joel, Bill, and Ellie discover his corpse in a safe house, leading most people to rather prefer HBO's handling of the couple.


Ellie's primary romantic interest in The Last of Us Part II is just the powerful, bubbly antidote to her many dark moments. By the time the plot in Part II comes to an end, they've known each other for years, growing up behind the sheltered Jackson walls. She's bisexual, as evidenced by her various relationships with both men and women. But she's had her eye on Ellie for a while when they finally kiss.

Ellie discovers that Dina is pregnant with her ex's daughter, Jessie, and that she and Ellie are on a brutal revenge mission later on. The joy that comes with a pregnant person isn't easily forgotten, though.


The first prominent trans character from the Last of Us universe plays a key role in The Last of Us Part II. Lev, born as "Lily" into the highly-religious Seraphites, was encouraged to ignore his true feelings from a young age. He manages to maintain his identity for years, quietly questioning Seraphite customs but never acting until his desire to become a soldier, like his older sister Yara, is denied, and Lev is instead assigned to marry one of the village'

This drives Lev to accept his identity and to shave his head and change his surname, causing the community to swiftly revolt against him. Lev is quickly joined by his sister, who accepts exile if it means protecting her little brother. Abby's influence helps Abby to keep trudging forward.


Cat isn't a major character in the Last of Us story, although she is mentioned as one of Ellie's ex-girlfriends at several points in The Last of Us Part II. During that time, Ellie used Cat's assistance to cover a bite mark on her arm with a tattoo, but it appears that she and Ellie remain close, even after their separation.