The Top 10 Pedro Pascal Action Films and TV Shows

The Top 10 Pedro Pascal Action Films and TV Shows ...

Pedro Pascal invokes an emotional vulnerability that gives his main characters a more complete portrayal.

Pascal is given the best of both worlds when he goes full-throttle into the action side of his persona, including might and a powerful heart. It's no wonder that he has been chosen for juicier roles over the years, and since the greatest of Pascal usually comes from his action roles, we get to see him try and save the world at first.

Pascal's earlier action (ish) programs will be left off, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NYPD Blue, Homeland, Law & Order (he was on four different L&O series!), as well as CSI.

Here are the finest Pedro Pascal action films and TV shows.

The Great Wall (2016)

Let's start off the list by saying this was an action film starring Matt Damon, with Pascal playing a prominent role. Was it good? No. Was it fair? Debatable. Was Pascal though, fantastic?

Pascal plays one of two mercenary warriors who travel to the Great Wall, imprisoned by imperial Chinese forces, and must unite forces to defeat these aliens in this bizarro action/adventure film.

Prospect (2018)

This is a non-traditional all-the-way action film, but one that is brimming with adventure and battling. Pascal's character, Ezra, is on a foreign moon that is mined for its diamonds, when he encounters (along with his partner) another duo — a father and his younger daughter — as they wander the planet in an attempt to escape.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

The Kingsmen return in a bid to overthrow the Golden Circle, which includes cleverly named American counterparts. Long story short, a drug linchpin dosed her supply with a deadly toxin in order to get her cartel immunity, and the heroes must save the day, with Pascal's character treading the line between what he truly wants and what he stands for.

Pascal's part in this Kingsman film that seems to be on the upswing (and on the down)

Bloodsucking Bastards (2015)

Now that you have learned the name of this film and that Pascal plays a key role, are you going to grab the opportunity to see it? It's every bit of spooky B-movie vampire action (comedy-horror, to be exact) that you would expect. Pascal's character, Max, gives us all the facial mannerisms and gleaming eyes that we've come to know and love from Pascal.

The funny part about the film is that it takes place in an office building, where inner-office politics end up taking a back seat as employees slowly become vampires, with Max behind the scenes.

6.The Equalizer 2 (2018)

Pascal is able to portray David York, Denzel Washington's former partner, as the nemesis to Robert McCall in this sequel, which ends up being the bad guy that McCall has to track down and battle — during a hurricane, for example.

Pascal was able to excel in his role as the villain in Wonder Woman 1984 in part thanks to what he was able to accomplish here.

5.Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Pascal saves this film from being nearly as distracting or irritating as the original, and there is way too much unnecessary flashback here that could have been eliminated in favor of more Pascal. Lord steals a dreamstone and wishes to actually become it, so that he gets to take what he wants from the wisher, rather than having to slay him.

4.Triple Frontier (2019)

The film itself does not up to the billing of actors — Pascal, Oscar Isaac, Ben Affleck, among others — but it is still a terrific Pascal action film. If there had been room for him to express more empathy throughout the film, it might have been even better.

The plot follows the following: members of a gang are battling drug cartels in Colombia when they are offered to help smuggle a woman and her brother out for money and a whole lot of money. The group goes and steals their helicopter for a crash landing on a cocaine farm!

The Last of Us (2023-)

Is it too early to place this on the top of the list? In the few moments we've seen between Joel and his on-screen daughter Sarah, the intensity and genuine humanity that Pascal displays is powerful, and the tension is palpable, while we pray that he'll be able to keep his companion, Ellie, safe.

The Last of Us is a game that begins to infect humans at a rapid rate, leading to the end of the world as we know it. Joel becomes a smuggler and eventually gets matched up with Ellie in an effort to introduce her to people who might be able to use her to devise a cure of some sort against the infection.

Narcos (2015-17)

Rodrigo Amarante's "Tuyo" is a great way to relive the intense years Narcos had before moving on to the Pablo Escobar plots. Pascal explores another part of himself here as we see him struggle to find a killer and criminal while also battling loneliness and declaring pure hell when his anger overwhelms him.

Javier Pea, Pascal's character, along with Boyd Holbrook, a fellow DEA agent, are among a slew of Colombian and American agents trying to locate, track down, and ultimately destroy Escobar, perhaps the most well-known drug lord in modern history.

The Mandalorian (2019-present)

The Mandalorian has a lot of action punch than any other Pascal character-driven series or film. Pascal's mannerisms set the tone for the character and the world around him, allowing us to believe that the connection between him and Grogu is real, even when they can't really speak. Mando kicks ass is top-level Pascal action.

Din Djarin, Pascal's character, is a bounty hunter who encounters the one previously known as Baby Yoda (Grogu) at the beginning of season one. A vast adventure unfolds to save Grogu's life as well as destroy what remains (and is growing again) of the Galactic Empire.