A different game from Hogwarts Legacy is promising to donate a portion of profits to trans organizations

A different game from Hogwarts Legacy is promising to donate a portion of profits to trans organizat ...

The Hogwarts Legacy RPG video game was released today amid a storm of protests that included J.K. Rowling as well as the franchise's lead designer, Troy Leavitt. Kids on Brooms, a similar RPG video game with witches and wizards, has pledged to donate all sales to organizations that support the trans community.

Rowling became known as transphobic after liking a tweet that referred to transwomen as men wearing dresses. According to the LGBTQ Nation, she has continued to make hostile comments and tweets against the trans community. After the backlash over his support for cultural appropriation was exposed, as well as his participation in the misogynistic Gamergate Harassment Campaign, the author sought refuge in the gaming community.

Doug Levandowski, the writer of Kids On Brooms, could not have come at a better time. Instead of purchasing the other game, the money can be used for a good cause as it draws gamers away from a negative perception of trans.

Eric Lang, a Canadian game designer who had nothing to do with the development of Kids on Brooms, is in total support of this move and has even thrown his own money into the campaign.

Erika Ishii, best known for her role as Valkyrie in the video game Apex Legends, highly recommends the series.

Erika Ishii's reference to "the other wizard world" and a second Doug Levandowski tweet, a pattern is beginning to emerge that they are not giving free promotion to a game they are trying to rival.

Some gamers are so into the game that they are willing to invest more money than they would otherwise invest in the game.

Gamers are coming in droves because the game is working, as if they need a better explanation.

Today, Hogwarts Legacy is still available, but it's not as good as it would have been if the alternatives to Kids on Brooms had not existed.