Julia Fox's attempt to address backlash over her involvement with Alexander Wang following his sexual assault accusations has failed

Julia Fox's attempt to address backlash over her involvement with Alexander Wang following his sexua ...

Julia Fox has been criticized for her appearance at this year's New York Fashion Week. The 33-year-old model and actress wore an exposed mesh dress that left little to the imagination. However, it wasn't her outfit that set the internet ablaze: it was her association with controversial fashion designer Alexander Wang, who was accused of sexual assault in 2020.

Fox was chastised for wearing Wang's runway — one that included Anna Wintour, Nikita Dragun, and Ava Max — because her brand is centered on female empowerment and ending the patriarchy. On TikTok, user @marleeloiben wrote, "Julia doesn't walking for Alexander Wang fo against everything you stand for?"

Fox addressed the user, saying, "2b frank i love cancel culture, but we do need to leave room for rehabilitation and for those who invest in their efforts."

The problems in question are related to a number of allegations that Wang, 39, sexually assaulted several men in the past, many of whom came forward in 2020 with frightening stories about him. Wang, for his part, vehemently denied these allegations when they surfaced, but did eventually make a public declaration in March 2021 promising to "do better" in the future.

Lisa Bloom, the attorney who represented several of the men accused of sexual assault, said in March 2021 that all parties involved had decided to move on: "My clients had the opportunity to speak their truth to Alexander Wang and his team. We accept Mr. Wang's apologies and we are moving forward."

@marleeloiben, a TikTok user who describes herself in her bio as a "Joan Rivers prodigy & future star of RHONY," does not feel that this is enough.

@marleeloiben wrote back in response to Fox's suggestion to "leave room for rehabilitation," saying, "I must've missed the part where he took responsibility #alexanderwangny #alexanderwang."

Julia Fox has been a fan and supporter of her for the last year and a half, and I've died for you,' she began her TikTok video by saying. "This is why I'm having such a hard time comprehending this. The math is not mathing."

@marleeloiben addressed Wang's sexual assault claims as well as Fox's desire to "end the patriarchy" and "supporting women." The elephant in the room is the effort Fox believes Wang has put in following the sexual assault allegations.

Wang has done "absolutely none of the above," according to @marleeoiben. We have not seen Alexander Wang as a person or a corporation that exposes sexual assault. We haven't seen him do any kind of work to fund and assist sexual assault survivors. They have done absolutely nothing but dissect the truth."

@marleeoiben concluded her rant by thoroughly savoring Fox to a crisp, saying, "You are all a pawn in his capitalist plot to keep making millions of dollars while taking no accountability."

An argument for Wang's apparent lack of reparations — at least the kind @marleeloiben considers significant — might be that he would win admission to the charges he so vehemently denied. However, Wang's actions, or lack thereof, speak louder than anything he's said thus far.

Fox has stated where she stands on the issue.