This review makes clear why you shouldn't purchase Hogwarts Legacy

This review makes clear why you shouldn't purchase Hogwarts Legacy ...

The Hogwarts Legacy single-player RPG was released on Friday, and it didn't take long for reviews to flood the internet. One review, in particular, is gaining so much attention because once a fan of the Harry Potter series and J.K. Rowling, the reviewer now finds herself strongly disliked by the author.

In her Hogwarts Legacy review, Jaina Grey states, "Since 2019, the once-beloved children's author has—well, she's had some opinions." The controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling's transphobia has been well-documented, including her dislike of women in dresses and the ongoing hostility she has shown the trans community. I honestly hope she never understands."

"There's certainly something missing," Grey said of the game's lackluster art direction, the one-dimensional characters that feel like store-brand versions of those we know and love, or the obvious absence of John Williams's iconic score."

Grey directs consumers who would normally find a buy button for the game to a donation page for Trans Lifeline, a trans person advocacy organization based in the United States.

Grey gives no room for praise of the game with a 1/10 score. Was there anything exceptional about it all?

Wired may be gaining a few more readers today with only one hard-hitting review that didn't hold back or coddle anyone who might be saddened by the news.

When it comes to someone who is criticized other people, this is how the game is played. The opposition has the right to use their platform to repay the favor.

Despite the controversy, Hogwarts Legacy is gaining momentum, and there are plenty of games gamers may choose to buy that support the trans community.