Players of Hogwarts Legacy PC should have good luck: For the first official release day, the game saves are broken

Players of Hogwarts Legacy PC should have good luck: For the first official release day, the game sa ...

Poppy was presenting her new video game to Apple TV as digital farts wreak havoc on the platform, and Hogwarts Legacy players were experiencing a case of deja vu. On the day it was scheduled to be released, there was an issue with saving play that required what appeared to be a Master's degree in computer programming to correct.

Since Warner Bros. Games purchased Avalanche Software in 2017, it has faced a slew of issues, from release delays to the real-life controversy surrounding the franchise creator, J.K. Rowling. One designer — Troy Leavitt — had to leave the project and reported that it had nothing to do with his support for cultural appropriation or his participation in the Gamergate Harassment Campaign. The timing of his departure makes the matter even more suspect.

Was it rushed to the point that a poor game was offered to the general public due to release delays and limitations when the designers depart the project? The answer to that question lies in the fact that RPGs take so long to set up and play that saving the game is quite common.

Enjoy the game for any gamer who understood the fix. For everyone else, it appears they'll need their hands held by Geek Squad.

For games of this nature, it is the absolute worst to be unable to save progress.

What if the issue occurs on a gaming platform that isn't fixed? Either they might find all of their gamers migrating to other games that are similar to it.

Imagine enjoying playing the game and then taking a break to recharge, pay a bill, or eat a sandwich, only to discover that the game is gone and the only solution is to start all over again at the beginning.

Anyone who has already spent a lot of time playing the game would have a lot of nerves.

When games first launch, there are always issues that annoy gamers, although it's common, but not knowing how to save plays is a major oversight that should have been included somewhere. Make sure gamers are able to save their games – check!