Alexa Nikolas, an ex Zoey 101 star, has called for the Super Bowl protest to be supported

Alexa Nikolas, an ex Zoey 101 star, has called for the Super Bowl protest to be supported ...

Nicole Bristow, who played her on Zoey 101, has backed the movement to change the name of the Kansas City Chiefs, and she has posted an Instagram story about an upcoming demonstration to aid in this process.

Alexa Nikolas, 30, who played Haley in The Walking Dead, is a regular activist these days. She wrote a post for the IndigenousPeoplesMovement urging people to protest the Kansas City Chiefs' name during the Super Bowl at State Farm Stadium on Sunday.

Check out the following post:

Nikolas has been vocal about her advocacy for a number of important causes and recently launched the organization Eat Predators, with the aim of assisting women to "enter the [music] industry without fear of harassment, harassment, and rape." In August, she was again in the news for protesting outside of Nickelodeon's headquarters shortly after the publication of her fellow former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy's memoir about her time working with the network.

Nikolas sat outside the studio holding a sign that said, "Nickelodeon didn't protect me."

“I didn’t feel safe at Nickelodeon as a child, personally,” she said. She then called out Dan Schneider, who was responsible for both shows. “To me, he is the creator of childhood trauma. I felt extremely vulnerable around Dan Schneider during my time at Nickelodeon, and he made me cry several times later.”

The IndigineousPeoplesMovement stated: "It's a protest."

One of the concerns, according to the organization, is the use of indigenous symbols and names for sports teams.

Following decades of controversy and protests, the Cleveland MLB franchise changed its name from the Indians to the Guardians. In the NFL, there have already been name changes. In July of 2020, the Washington Redskins changed its name to the Washington Commanders. Then in February, the team changed its name to the much less controversial Washington Commanders.