What song plays in the opening credits of The Last of Us episode 5?

What song plays in the opening credits of The Last of Us episode 5? ...

Warning: The following article contains significant spoilers for the fifth episode of The Last of Us, titled "Endure and Survive."

The final episode of "Endure and Survive," which ended the fifth episode with Bill and Frank's story back in episode three, delivered yet another massive emotional gut-punch by killing Henry and Sam in the most horrifying manner.

Sam gets bitten by one of the infected in the midst of the chaos in Kansas City.

Sam keeps this information hidden from his brother when the pair are alone, but Ellie attempts an absurd exercise by infusing her blood with Sam's wound the following morning, but it is already too late. Henry's knee jerk reaction is to put his younger brother down before Ellie can be seriously injured.

Joel and Ellie decommit their savage companions, and without a word, set off toward Wyoming. A piano plays the pair off as they approach the horizon, and the credits roll along with some haunting vocals.

What song plays at the end of episode 5 of The Last of Us?

Agnes Obel's song "Fuel to Fire" is a moving song that sends the pair on their way to confront the tragic conclusion to "Endure and Survive." The lyrics speak volumes about what must be going through Joel and Ellie's minds as they digest the shocking event they just witnessed. Whether they need to talk about it or whether they treat Henry and Sam as Tess, they never bring them up again.

Agnes Obel, a Danish singer-songwriter who was born in 1980, released her first album, Philharmonics, in 2010. The track used in the credits is from her sophomore album, Aventine, which was released in 2013. Something tells us that her most-listened songs on Spotify might start skewing towards "Fuel to Fire" in the next week.