In episode 5, where did the clicker horde originate?

In episode 5, where did the clicker horde originate? ...

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for episode five of The Last of Us, titled "Endure and Survive."

So far, The Last of Us has been a bit lighter in action and less in drama, except for a close-up encounter with a pair of clickers in episode two.

At the conclusion of the fifth episode, "Endure and Survive," the show's most intense, explosive, and cordyceps-heavy action sequence yet, Henry's fate is tainted when he discovers himself at the mercy of Kathleen and the Kansas City resistance, as well as the timely arrival of a massive horde of clickers.

What ensued was total and total chaos, leading to the deaths of Kathleen and Perry, yet providing enough room for Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam to escape, but that's another story for another time.

For the time being, the major question is where did that conveniently timed slew of clickers come from? Here's what you may have missed.

All of those who have been infected are listed below.

After Joel makes quick work of a sniper blocking the group's path ahead (an excellent nod to the video game, by the way), he launches a well-placed strike into the dome of a passing truck driver. The recently powered truck then crashes into a nearby house and explodes in a ball of flames after its gasoline leaks.

Joel and Henry discussed their escape route earlier in the episode, but they disagreed on whether or not there were infected people living beneath Kansas City. Henry claimed that FEDRA had cleared out the tunnels underneath the city some time ago, a notion which Joel was absolutely unaware of.

Although the group did not encounter any infected while escaping the city limits, it appears that all of the underground infected might have been herded by FEDRA to one condensed location, outside of city limits, away from prying eyes or unsuspecting victims. Not the worst idea they had...until a sinkhole set them loose.

When Kathleen and Perry were sweeping buildings looking for Henry and Sam, they came across a room in which a pile of rubble was shifting, but Kathleen dismissed it as a "later" problem. Knowing is half the battle.