Hogwarts Legacy hits an unexpected stumbling block as players seek lighter skin choices, according to the latest Fantasy News

Hogwarts Legacy hits an unexpected stumbling block as players seek lighter skin choices, according t ...

As gamers without early access finally get their hands on the fantasy game, Hogwarts Legacy continues to dominate conversations in nearly every sector.

Despite the controversy surrounding a purchase of a J.K. Rowling-related property, Rowling's role in Hogwarts Legacy will lead to inevitable financial gain for the author, an idea that many trans people and their friends are retaliating against.

Players who are eager to try out the game but dissatisfied with the outcome of a purchase may wish to conceal their latest purchase from friends and family. However, you may also be able to conceal your achievements (and the game itself) if you want.

As gamers touch up the game and sheepishly ask for a greater variety of skin tones, the game has encountered a few more glitches, far beyond the Rowling of it all. We've also included some helpful tips for those planning to get started on the game over the weekend.

If you don't want friends to know you're playing, here's how to conceal those Hogwarts Legacy achievements.

Due to her vehement anti-trans sentiments, Hogwarts Legacy remains a highly contentious property. Some gamers feel awkward and guilty about purchasing — and playing — the latest Harry Potter-adjacent video game. There's a way to hide your accomplishments, trophies, and status from friends and family who may judge you for snatching a copy of the divisive title.

Fans of Hogwarts Legacy are looking for lighter skin options in the most unusual twist yet.

Hogwarts Legacy is a slew of things, but overly white is apparently not one of them. The game has already been praised for finally getting Black hair right in a video game, as well as for its wide variety in Hogwarts students and teachers, as claims of too few pasty options begin to surface on the internet. In one of the most unexpected Hogwarts Legacy developments, players are complaining about the absence of light skin tones in the character creator.

Answers to your most pressing Hogwarts Legacy concerns

If you're among the gamers planning to grab a copy of Hogwarts Legacy when it arrives, here are some guidelines and tricks to help you get the game done more smoothly. If you're interested in learning more about romance options, Quidditch, or a photo mode, check out our guides to each.

For sour Harry Potter lovers, Shonen Jump is the ideal antidote.

Shonen Jump's interpretation of Hogwarts Legacy puts many Harry Potter lovers in a tough, uncomfortable position, perfectly mocking the franchise's "chosen one" narrative with Mash, a magic-less kid who wants to "do magic with muscles."