As a head-scratching Scream VI theory gets flak, the next Blair Witch Project is on the scene

As a head-scratching Scream VI theory gets flak, the next Blair Witch Project is on the scene ...

We Got This Covered is back to a fear-filled Friday, goblins and ghouls! Without question, this week has been a fantastic week for the gigantic spooky world — especially when you consider an assortment of genre projects that are now generating enormous amounts of bingeable content. Over the past 24 hours, all eyes have been on a thought-provoking Scream VI theory, while the genre's latest project is being compared to The Blair Witch Project.

Before you go to the theater to purchase early tickets for Cocaine Bear, read on for the latest updates under the hood of horror.

Shudder grabs the rights to a heartbreaking new horror film.

The Unheard, a new genre film from The Beach House director Jeffrey A. Brown, is set to be available for streaming beginning of March. Despite its enticing premise and haunting behind-the-scenes footage, The Unheard looks to be a contender for the service.

Fans are shaking their heads in disbelief over a shocking Scream VI theory.

Since the internet has existed, there have been endless head-scratching theories about various cinematic works that leave us completely stunned. Lo and behold, these theories have now extended their scope to the horror genre, where a new Reddit thread has entertained the notion of an unsuspecting killer in the upcoming Scream VI film.

Is the modern-day Blair Witch Project on the horizon?

The Blair Witch Project was an influential figure in the found-footage sub-genre back in 1999. Fast forward to the present day, and it appears that the collective catalog has found an updated version that is worthy of the found-footage aspect. This is the case for The Outwaters, an alternate reality horror film that is gaining attention with its premise and blood-splattered sequences.

Supporters of Shudder should re-initiate on Monday for a chilling new horror roundup.