Are there Shiny Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Are there Shiny Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy? ...

The Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy is used to capture beasts you've captured. Once unlocked, You may use the Nab-Sack to capture Beasts in the open world to bring them back to your Room of Requirement to obtain magical materials from them.

In Hogwarts Legacy, can beasts be shiny?

Yes, beasts can be shiny in Hogwarts Legacy. They can be found at Monster Dens, where you can find regular beasts; however, there is a good possibility that beasts that spawn will be shiny.

The use of the Disillusionment spell is recommended. This will enable you to get close enough to see if a beast is shiny. A shiny beast is indicated by the star/+ symbol next to the gender icon.

How do I find Shiny Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Finding a shiny beast is, unfortunately, down to luck. We recommend regularly checking monster dens for different beasts in hopes of a Shiny spawning. However, shiny beast spawning occurs quite often if you spend time looking.

Capturing shiny beasts is the same process as capturing regular beasts, except they are often more difficult due to their shiny status.

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