Legacy of Hogwarts Do side quests disappear?

Legacy of Hogwarts Do side quests disappear? ...

Inside and outside of Hogwarts, there is plenty to do around the world of Hogwarts Legacy. From puzzles to the main story, you'll be kept busy nonstop, and forget there are a slew of side quests to undertake. That's why it's important that even if you prioritize your main story quests, you won't have to worry about missing out on a thing.

In Hogwarts Legacy, can side quests expire?

The owl symbol and gray markers on your map and compass indicate all of the side quests around. You can also find a list of all of them under the same symbol with slightly more information. Occasionally you may also receive an owl post from someone as well to complete a side quest.

Some side quests don't open up until you reach a specific area of the main story or discover a new location. They will remain in your quest menu until you get to them. So even if you decide to go back and complete some other tasks, they will be there when you are ready.

Several quests may also be unavailable during the specific season you are in. However, don't worry about missing out on anything. Even if you reach a certain season and notice a quest isn't available at that time, all side quests will be available once you finish the story and enter Free Roam mode.

Side quests are great for gaining additional points, extra Galleons, or XP to level up. Some of these quests are even considered relationship quests because they determine your standing in Hogwarts. Keep an eye on that little gray shield marker.

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