In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get to the top of the battlements? The High Keep Quest Guide

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get to the top of the battlements? The High Keep Quest Guide ...

Natty Onai will help you uncover evidence of poachers' misdoings as you go through your school year in Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, the gate is locked, and you'll need to find a way to get inside. Here's how to complete The High Keep in Hogwarts Legacy.

The High Keep, a Hogwarts Legacy, teaches you how to climb the battlements.

Turn towards your right to find scratched up wooden boards that you can climb up by jumping over the wall.

On your left, you'll see a spinner that acts as a sort of lock. Use Depulso on the spinner to lift the small gate.

If you've learned to shift the box outside the gate, then to your right until it is just below a wall with missing bricks. Before you use the box to climb up, remember to collect treasure from the treasure chest hidden behind the wooden box's resting place.

The High Keep's How to Get Inside the Gatehouse and Rearrange the Main Gate in Hogwarts Legacy

Walk around the gatehouse to the other side once you've climbed up. You'll need to look through the window and cast Accio on the wooden box you see inside to remove it from a path you're about to take.

With the box out of your way, you may go to the other side of the gatehouse. Destroy these broken boards with Depulso.

Once inside, you'll find another spinner, but this one will not be as straightforward as the first. You'll need to cast Depulso on the spinner twice to fully raise the gate. Once the gate is raised, use Accio to remove the wooden lock that the gate revealed.

The High Keep: How to Catch Up With Natty in Hogwarts Legacy

Natty will assist you in getting back to the main keep, but you are separated from her at the front entrance. First climb up the scaffolding and wall, then cast Depulso on the wooden box you find in front of you, then cast Levioso on the box to create a platform to cross the gap.

Here are some poacher enemies to greet you. Disspate them in whatever fashion you desire. There is a level one locked door you may open if you can unlock it. Go through and climb up the wall on your right to proceed. If you can unlock it, there will be a level two locked door you'll pass by on your left.

Continue up the tower, defeat a few more enemies, and exit the padlocked door with Alohomora. Go up and down the stairs. Look out for the alcove shown below. If you cast Depulso on the wooden pile shown, you'll find a chest hidden beneath it.

Highwing and her friend will be at the top of the hill. Enjoy the cutscene and the ability to recreate the sensation of skimming the surface of the Black Lake on a Hippogriff. After completing this quest, flying mounts will be permanently unlock.

How to Get All Chests during the Hogwarts Legacy quest

The second is the level-two locked door at the start of the quest, and the second is the level-two locked door at the end of the quest. If you need to return later for the level two locked door, there is a handy Floo Flame location you should have discovered when you first met Natty at the castle entrance.

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