Hogwarts Legacy: All Daedalian Key Locations

Hogwarts Legacy: All Daedalian Key Locations ...

The Hogwarts Legacy is packed with unique side quests and missions to undertake around the castle grounds and beyond. Some require a lot of searching, critical thinking, and patience to complete, such as the search for all the Daedalian keys. There are plenty of winged keys flying around the castle that open up special cabinets containing House Tokens for your specific House Chest. We've put together this guide to assist you in locating each one and getting to opening it as soon as possible.

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find all Daedalian keys?

The House Cabinet is the key that unlocks all of the 16 House Tokens you need to open in your common room. This is how to find them: Here's where you can find them.

The Astronomy key is the easiest to locate since it will begin when Nellie gives you the side quest, and your quest marker will take you directly to where you need to go in the Astronomy classroom. The cabinet is located next to the Astronomy Tower Floo Flame.

The key will be required to continue up the steps toward the outer tower, and you'll find it hidden under the steps.

The easiest way to locate the House Cabinet and its matching key is to take the Floo Flame to the Bell Tower Courtyard. From there, climb the left-side staircase and through the door. To reach the Dungeon door, walk down the few stairs and turn to the left.

Continue farther into the Dungeons until you reach the dragon bones statue, and the key will be floating around there.

The easiest way to locate the House Cabinet and Daedalian key is to begin at The Map Chamber. Once you reach the entrance to the Dungeon, walk down the spiral stairs to your left. Immediately make a sharp right, and you'll notice the cabinet beside a row of barrel cases.

The key is located further out of the dungeon back towards the dragon bones statue. As soon as you enter the hallway with the cauldrons piled beside the locked doors, you'll notice the key flying around.

Teleport to the Great Hall Floo Flame and go inside the two sets of doors. The key will be placed around the fireplace to the left of the entrance. Follow it down a staircase where the cabinet is tucked away.

This House Cabinet may be located once more via the Great Hall Floo. Go out and to the left of the Great Hall and up the stairs toward the Grand Staircase. The cabinet just before the Grand Staircase is located.

Continue up the Grand Staircase's center spiral until you reach the dead end. The key will be flying around a painting of a mole creature.

Use the Great Hall Floo and head straight out both sets of doors towards the main entrance of the castle. The key will be directly in front of you when you exit the second door in the overhanging balcony area. Follow it down the stairs to the right, near the hog statue.

Use the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo to get to this cabinet and key. Start climbing the left-side stairs all the way up until you reach a music room. When you're in the music room, head up the correct steps and through the door. The cabinet will be directly inside.

Continue past the cabinet and down the stairs heading toward the History of Magic classroom. You'll find the key as you descend down the stairs.

Use the Floo Flame in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom and then immediately turn right and go forward until you reach the railing. The cabinet will be against the wall here.

Continue back toward the Floo and up the stairs until you reach the large rhino skeleton. The key will be flying around this area.

To get to the cabinet and key, teleport to the Potions Classroom Floo and continue through the doors. The key will be located just outside the main classroom next to the pile of cauldrons. Follow it down the stairs to the left until you see the cabinet.

Use the Central Hall Floo and walk down the stairs and to the left, past the unicorn fountain. When you reach the Greenhouse doors, take a left. You'll find the key just before the archway.

To access the cabinet, just pull the key back across the Central Hall, past the unicorn fountain once more, and toward the Transfiguration Courtyard. The cabinet is tucked into the corner just to the right of the entrance.

Take the Central Hall Floo and ascend the stairs past the bard's painting. As you enter, you'll notice the cabinet to the left.

Continue climbing the steps and heading toward the right. The key is hidden beneath two pillars.

Teleport to the Library Floo and immediately turn to the left to find the cabinet across from some bookcases. To find the key, go back toward the Floo Flame and then walk straight through the library. Keep an eye on the right side where the key will be flying between some bookcases directly before the fireplace.

Take the Quad Courtyard Floo, then turn left and walk past the serpent fountain and up three sets of stairs. At the top of the third staircase, take a left, and you'll discover the key floating around.

Follow the key back down the stairs toward the serpent fountain and then make a left. Continue past a mermaid carving and toward the entrance to the Gryffindor Hall. The cabinet is directly to the right of the door.

Follow the path to the left side of the locked door to unlock it. Then you can follow the key up more steps to the next level, where you'll find the cabinet.

This key will be required to complete the quest Alohomora. First go up the stairs and you'll notice the key up the right staircase. Follow the key back down the stairs to the entrance.

Use the Hospital Wing Floo; you'll need to have completed the quest for Alohomora to enter this. Continue down the stairs and through a wall of paintings toward the Clock Tower. Return the key through the Prefect's Lavatory, next to a statue.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you open Daedalian key cabinets?

The first step in obtaining the key is to locate the appropriate cabinet for it. These annoying keys don't like to do what they're told, so you'll need to use force. Press A or X as soon as the key crosses the line up with the hole. If you guessed correctly, the key will unlock the cabinet and reveal a House Crest.

Once you have collected House Tokens, you may return to your common room and locate the House Chest. When you approach it, you'll have the option to drop all sixteen of them. This will open it up and reward you with a unique House Uniform that matches your needs.

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