In Hogwarts Legacy, what to do at the map wall in the South Wing

In Hogwarts Legacy, what to do at the map wall in the South Wing ...

The South Wing of Hogwarts Legacy has a map puzzle that must only be opened with a specific spell. Here's all you need to know about solving the cartography puzzle and what's actually hidden behind it.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you open the South Wing map wall?

The academy castle contains many hidden rooms and secrets. Unlike most early game puzzles, you may stumble across a map wall where none of the basic spells work on it. The Depulso spell is required to unlock Professor Sharp's Assignment I quest.

Awaken the spell by aiming your wand at the top of the map and throwing Depulso at it. The map will automatically unfold itself, revealing a hidden room hidden behind the wall. Inside the secret room is a Hogwarts Legacy moth frame puzzle.

Make sure to pick up the note on the right side of the room. It opens a second map wall puzzle on the third floor that students use to conceal a supply of alcohol. Once you've opened a map wall puzzle, they will automatically remain unlocked forever. Just walk past them again to trigger the map's folding animation.

Where can I find the map wall in Hogwarts Legacy?

The easiest way to find the South Wing map wall is to get to the Floo flame warp point at the Clock Tower Courtyard. Once there, exit the small entrance next to the Floo flame and walk across the outdoor bridge. Once you have reached the bridge connecting the two wings of the castle, you will see the map on the left wall.

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