In Pet Simulator X Roblox, how do you get the Huge Peacock?

In Pet Simulator X Roblox, how do you get the Huge Peacock? ...

The Huge Pet upgrade for Pet Simulator X has brought with it the ability to build massive pets. In addition to this, this update has also included a very special huge pet can that may be earned completely for free, the Huge Peacock. Continue reading this brief guide to learn more about how to include this adorable animal to your collection.

How to Get the Huge Peacock in Pet Simulator X

The Huge Peacock is not spawned through an egg, unlocked by performing quests, or even paid for by Robux. Instead, it's obtained by random gifts! As you may or may not have noticed, Pet Simulator X counts down how long you've been active inside a server.

By clicking on the present icon at the top of your screen, you may follow and claim these prizes.

The probability of getting the Huge Peacock pet upon receiving the final two gifts (the two marked with the shopping basket) is very low. The Huge Peacock is not a guaranteed prize, but it is how you obtain it.

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