The Hogwarts Legacy robotic voice problem Is How To Dissect It

The Hogwarts Legacy robotic voice problem Is How To Dissect It ...

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to customize your witch or wizard as you please, including selecting and modifying a voice. However, some players may be experiencing a bug when using the pitch slider that causes their character to have a robotic voice.

How to Address the Hogwarts Legacy Robot Voice Bug

The robotic voice bug does not appear to be resolved at the time of writing, thus players must wait for an update or patch to resolve this issue. The issue appears to occur when using the voice slider, so the bug is likely to be related to this feature.

The robotic voice bug should be addressed if you do not use the voice slider. Fans are hoping that the day one patch will resolve this problem, but we have not received confirmation yet. Some players have reported successfully remediating the problem by changing the Pitch under the Audio Options to the middle.

If you are still suffering from this problem, your only option, for the time being, may be to turn off dialogue or audio, or push through the voice. The main character speaks a lot throughout the game, so you will often hear it.

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