The Hogwarts Legacy How to Change Your Voice

The Hogwarts Legacy How to Change Your Voice ...

After the beginning of the story, you may change your witch or wizard's voice. However, the game also includes a feature that allows you to change your character's vocal pitch at any time. Here is how to use the pitch option in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you change your voice pitch?

When you begin a new game, you can choose how your witch or wizard's voice sounds during cutscenes. Next, move your cursor over the pitch slider to edit your vocals. If you move the slider further to the right, your character's voice will sound higher pitched.

If you have finalized your character and are displeased with how your character sounds while playing your game, you are in luck because there is a pitch feature that allows you to change your voice whenever you want. Below is a list of suggestions you may use to quickly alter how your witch or wizard sounds, no matter how far into the narrative.

After you've created your Hogwarts Legacy character, here's how to change your voice.

While you are playing Hogwarts Legacy, you can alter your voice by going to the settings menu. After you have paused your game, click the settings tab, and move your cursor down to the Pitch option that is under Dialogue Volume. Like the character creation screen, moving the pitch slider up or down will increase or decrease your vocal effects. This feature is available anytime in your menu options.

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